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Our collagens have been used for decades for the benefit of millions of patients.

Off-the-shelf collagen ordering

SYMATESE LAB collagen raw materials are available for multiple medical and cosmetic areas

Collagen Domains

Collagens are essential in many medical treatments, including vital indications.

Customized Collagen

We design taylor-made solutions to fit your needs.

Collagen represents 30% of the proteins in your body. It is in your bones, muscles, and blood, and it constitutes 75% of your skin. It is responsible for skin elasticity and is the perfect matrix for healthy joints, tendons, ligaments, etc.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in mammal tissue. Bovine Collagen type I has been used for centuries in medical applications. It is a key raw material for numerous medical devices and can be found for instance as surgical haemostatics, in Bone Void Fillers, and in dermal regeneration matrices. It can be sourced from various animal species and tissues.

Collagen domains of application

SYMATESE LAB has already purified collagen bulk raw materials, semi-finished or collagen medical devices for usage in the following areas:


SYMATESE LAB supplies medical device coating for example in vascular prosthesis. Using bovine Collagen type I, these collagen solutions allow vascular prostheses optimisation by improving anti-thrombogenicity, biocompatibility and tightness properties.


SYMATESE LAB also focuses on burns management and dermal reconstruction by proposing a bi-layered dermal regeneration matrix which is used to provide a suitable Healing environment to skin defects.


SYMATESE supplies medical device coating solution dedicated to improve parietal prostheses and anti-adhesion films properties. SYMATESE products are designed to manage interfacial performance of supporting devices to prevent adhesion formation while providing biocompatibility


SYMATESE is present in dental surgery by way of two classes of products:
- SYMATESE LAB supplies bone substitutes based on a combination of bovine collagen type I and hydroxyapatite which provide an osteoconductive effect. These bone substitutes are used in maxillo-facial surgery and odonto-stomatology;
- SYMATESE LAB also supplies haemostatic sponges to allow practitioners to achieve haemostasis following dental extraction for example.


SYMATESE LAB offers collagen medical devices dedicated to orthopaedic surgery, more precisely for hard tissue scaffolding. SYMATESE proposes bone substitutes made of bovine Collagen type I and matrices for cartilage engineering exhibiting osteoconductive effect for bone or cartilaginous defects repair and regeneration.


SYMATESE LAB supplies haemostatic sponges for general surgery intended to be used by surgeons to control bleeding on surgical site. SYMATESE is also involved in bleeding control following haemodialysis by proposing a compressive haemostatic sponge to overcome post-dialysis complications.

Bovine Collagen Type I, the most widely used collagen, can be found in various forms and with different characteristics, from insoluble native collagen fibres to soluble collagen solutions. Each collagen raw material form possesses different properties that allow for the design of tailor-made collagen medical devices according to specific need, such as:

  • insoluble native collagen fibres for applications such as surgical hemostasis and wound Healing,
  • soluble collagen solutions for anti-adhesion film,
  • coating of medical devices, and more.

Off-the-Shelf collagen solutions

Collagen raw material available for medical application

SYMATESE LAB control internally the complete extraction and purification process of its collagen raw material from the tissue to the final product. Its different production and purification technologies allow for a unique variety of collagen forms with different properties and specifications.


Acido soluble collagen solution
Sterile bovine collagen
Type I solution at 5 mg/ml approx in acetic acid 0.017 N,
from calf hides, for coating of medical devices Storage : 2-8°C
20 ml
100 ml
6 x 100 ml
Bovine collagen Type I
Dry, from calf hides
Solubility : partially soluble in acid
Storage : at room temperature
100 mg
250 mg
500 mg
1 g
5 g
Purified bovine collagen Type I
Dry, from calf hides
Pepsin extraction
Solubility : acid soluble
Storage : – 20°C
100 mg
250 mg
500 mg
1 g
5 g

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Collagen raw material customized to your needs

With a unique experience and know-how of collagen transformation, SYMATESE LAB is the ideal partner for a company that needs collagen medical devices or collagen raw material, including collagen matrices, medical device coating collagen solutions, collagen sponges, and more.

As functional requirements for each product are specific, we tailor the collagen raw material specifications to the exact needs of our customers.

Quality, Safety, and Compliance

SYMATESE LAB collagen raw material can be used as starting material for a collagen medical device, and then, SYMATESE LAB masters a wide range of collagen transformation technologies:

  • Enzymatic processes
  • Crosslinking (Through various chemical or auto-crosslinking technologies)
  • Freeze drying
  • Film casting
  • Chemical transformation, grafting
  • Co formulation with other biopolymer or other compounds.